Learn Why Most Gas Station & Convenience Store Owners Choose Avery Insurance Agency.

We make sure your gas stations and convenience store has the right coverage at the right price.

Our Gas station/ C-Store Insurance Coverage Options

We offer coverage options that protect both yourself and your business from factors beyond your control.

gas station insurance Washington

General Liability Insurance

This coverage is going to protect you from a variety of potential claims such as bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can potentially come up if you are found negligent.

Liquor Liability Insurance

If you are selling alcohol, this is an absolute must. It will protect your business from personal injuries and property damages for a liability lawsuit..

Loss of Income Insurance

What happens in the event you are unable to open your station due to a claim? This coverage would allow you to have a “back up” plan in the event you were unable to generate an income due to a covered loss.

Property Damage

This would allow you coverage for damage to your building, inventory, or equipment. We are here to make sure you have replacement cost coverage on property so that you would be able to repair or replace these items for today’s cost.

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Service Station Coverage

We make sure you have adequate coverage for things like Service pumps ,Underground fuel storage tanks ,Underground piping, Canopies and awnings.

Crime & Vandalism Coverage

This would cover you in the event you had a claim due to a burglary, robbery, employee theft, or any vandalism to the property.

Why Gas station/ C-Store Insurance?

You’ve chosen to supply your community with gas, beer, groceries and other necessities in the name of convenience. Make another good decision and reach out to Avery Insurance Agency to ensure that you receive the optimum insurance at the right price.

Selecting the right independent insurance provider to help you get the right insurance at the best rates is a necessity. Avery Insurance Agency will represent you personally to top insurance providers and tailor your coverage to your business needs.

About Us

Avery Insurance Agency works only with A-rated insurance companies to provide a complete range of commercial insurance policies. We provide complete convenience store and gas station insurance in Washington and Oregon.

You will receive fast, personal attention from your Avery Insurance agents throughout the initial policy implementation process. Avery Insurance Agency will review all of your policies annually to make sure you’re still getting the best price and the best coverage available.

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